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It allows you to play games with your friends on Skype
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Skype is a great chatting tool that fully deserves its impressive popularity, as it provides a lot of cool features and useful options. Anyway, this doesn't mean that it cannot be improved even further. That's exactly what the FireArc Arcade application does. FireArc Arcade is a quite unique application that lets you play games with your Skype friends. All you need for this is the Skype desktop client and this app. Furthermore, FireArc Arcade is completely free, clean of any adware, and a really lightweight, neat, and resource-friendly app that won't slow down your system or cause any unwanted problems.

Besides the fact that it's really neat and smooth-running, I also like about FireArc Arcade the fact that it's easy to set up and to use. Even beginners can handle it without any issues.

As for the games that you can play using FireArc Arcade, the selection isn't impressive, unfortunately. Don't expect FireArc Arcade to let you play any games with your Skype friends, just a few ones that the program supports by default. These are pretty simple-to-play, well-known classics like Tic Tac Toe, Checkers, Chess, Bingo, Go, Mancala, Multiplayer Whiteboard, a version of Battleship, a Table Tennis game inspired by Pong, and a remake of the popular Connect Four game. Anyway, though they're pretty simple, they're also undeniably fun to play games, especially when you play them against friends.

To sum it all up, FireArc Arcade is a nice tool, despite the fact that it supports only 10 simple games with basic graphics. The most important thing is that I had lots of fun playing Battleship against a Skype friend with its help, so I'd say that it achieves its purpose quite successfully.

Margie Smeer
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  • Free
  • Neat and lightweight
  • Simple to set up and to use


  • It supports only 10 simple games, with rather basic graphics
  • No visual customization options
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